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Published on April 15th, 2013 | by Daniel R. Perlman


DNA Hit Aided Cold Case Homicide Arrest

On April 10, 2013, at approximately 9:05 a.m., the Sacramento Police Department arrested Stanley David Grow for a murder that occurred 25 years ago.

On October 19, 1988, at 2:17 a.m., a Sacramento police officer was on patrol in the William Land Park area on 14th Avenue. The patrol officer was driving westbound on 14th Avenue from 19th Street and saw a subject laying in the gutter wrapped in a blood soaked sheet. The victim had sustained multiple stab wounds and was declared deceased at the scene. The victim was later identified as Manuel Morales. Morales was 51-years-old at the time of the murder.

During the initial investigation, Homicide detectives found that Morales was last seen the night prior driving his 1980 silver BMW and dropping off several female associates at their homes.

Officers found Morales’ vehicle later the next morning, the same day his body was discovered. Crime Scene Investigators responded to process Morales’ car and obtained a sample of what appeared to be blood.

In July, 2012, the State of California, Department of Justice developed a DNA profile from evidence obtained in the case. The DNA profile was submitted to be searched against the CAL-DNA Data Banks which resulted in a CODIS hit to an individual by the name of Stanley David Grow.

On April 9, 2013, Homicide detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Stanley Grow for the murder of Manuel Morales that occurred in 1988.

Today, Homicide detectives located and arrested 52-year-old Stanley David Grow as he exited the rear door of his home in the 3600 block of Gayle Way, North Highlands, California.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Crime Lab performed DNA analysis of evidence obtained in this case and submitted the results to the Department of Justice’s national DNA database of criminal offenders (CODIS). A search of CODIS by Dept. of Justice DNA laboratory provided probable cause for the arrest of Stanley Grow. Grow’s DNA was on file from a felony arrest.

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Source: “DNA Hit Aided Cold Case Homicide Arrest,” April 15, 2013.

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