Criminal Law Daryl Savell Allegedly Stole Woman's Keys, Underwear, Tried To Pull Her In House

Published on August 27th, 2013 | by Daniel R. Perlman


Daryl Savell Allegedly Stole Woman’s Keys, Underwear, Tried To Pull Her In House

A Georgia woman says she was having a drink at a bar one minute, and the next, she was in her front yard with Daryl Savell, who was trying to pull her into her own home.

Savell, 55, of Suwanee, swears that he was trying to help the “drunk” woman into her house after giving her a ride home, according to Dacula Patch. But police say he had already been in her house, and stole her keys and several pairs of underwear while he was at it.

The scary scenario began on Aug. 14 with a drink between Savell and the victim, who hasn’t been named. The woman said she left for the restroom for a few minutes, then went back to the bar where she finished her drink.

“She could not remember anything from that time to when she awoke standing on her sidewalk in front of her house,” an officer wrote in a report.

When she awoke on her lawn, Savell was allegedly trying to pull her inside. She broke free and ran to a neighbor’s house, where the neighbor called 911 on her behalf. She noticed she was missing her wallet and keys.

Police questioned Savell, who was allegedly uncooperative. He reportedly had the woman’s keys and wallet in his truck, as well as a “large amount” of women’s underwear in boxes. When asked about the undergarments, he reportedly said, “I don’t know why that is relevant.”

Later that evening, the victim said that underwear was taken out of her drawer and that her bed sheets were pulled back. She said the bed was made when she left for the bar.

Savell was arrested and booked on a single count of robbery, according to a Georgia booking site. He was released from jail five days later on a $5,700 bond.

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Source: “Daryl Savell Allegedly Stole Woman’s Keys, Underwear, Tried To Pull Her In House,” August 27, 2013.

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